Tired of being blamed for missed deadlines?

Constantly shipping your software later than promised? And, is everyone in your company always pushing IT engineers to work faster, harder, better? Why is engineering so often the most obvious bottleneck?

If you don’t know how to make your software development process help you to deliver high quality features on time, you’ll always under-perform. You might feel trapped because you’re already doing your best, but no one seems to recognize or value your efforts. You’ll need to fundamentally change your approach to improve the way you develop and deliver software.

Here’s an opportunity to learn how to make engineering the most productive and valued part of your organization by systematically leveraging agile methodologies.

At Successful Engineering, we help IT engineers learn to identify and rapidly deliver customer value using agile methodologies.

Without a deep understanding of the systematic shortcomings of your current approach, and how to address them, engineering will always be the scapegoat for missed deadlines. Introducing agile methodologies can help you understand the systematic shortcomings of your current approach and gives you principles and practices to improve your situation.

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Look what some of our readers have said about us

Mark Bainter
“I appreciate what you’re doing on this site, the information has definitely been useful to me, as I have been working through piecing together the bits that will help my operations team to work more efficiently.”

Patrick Debois, “Mr. DevOps”
“Matthias, thanks for the sound advice.”

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