Not Just Anyone - e-book

Is your hiring painfully slow and difficult?
Hire great engineers by following the "Not Just Anyone" system.

Hiring great engineers is difficult.
  • Where to find the right candidates?
  • How to attract them to my job offer?
  • How to identify the best matches and, ultimately, win them over?
"Not Just Anyone" answers these crucial questions in a systematic, structured manner that's easy to implement.



FlowZone - A Zero-Hype Agile Practitioners Zone

In your agile software development, how can you get fast, reliable answers to your complex process optimization problems?

Imagine a place where like-minded professionals just like you meet each day. Imagine a place where topics from Prioritization, User Story creation, Flow Visualization, Continuous Delivery, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Test Driven Development, and Team Motivation are explained in great detail.
The FlowZone is such a place.



Agile Flow Home Study Course

Slipping deadlines costing you money or your job?
Learn how to apply agile engineering practices to keep projects on track in three clear steps.



Agile Champion Mentoring Program

Frustrated by the lack of reliable advice for your agile software development processes?

Is your agile software development process turning against you because you don’t have anyone to discuss your unique situation? The Agile Champion Mentoring Program gives you direct access to our extensive experience in bringing about real change in the workplace with agile methodologies.


For more details: Agile Champion Mentoring Program

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