Frustrated by the lack of reliable advice for your agile software development processes?

Have you seen things moving in the wrong direction and don’t know how to react? If you’ve done your very best, it makes you want to tear your hair out when the process doesn’t run as smoothly as it should

When an agile process goes wrong, it’s extremely nerve wracking

And what’s so nerve wracking is the incredible pressure to continuously improve your agile software development methodologies. Everyone expects faster software delivery with higher quality. But, even though you’re running agile processes, you can’t meet their expectations.

Have you seen your Burn Down Charts moving in the wrong direction and don’t know how to react?

Sometimes your frustration with the lack of progress makes you want to shout at your team, but you know better and bite your tongue. And just tweeting your frustration #agile won’t cut it neither. Wouldn’t it be great to discuss what went wrong with someone having an equally deep understanding of agile methodologies? A sounding board you could use in confidence to get concrete advice and guidance about your current situation.

Is your agile software development process turning against you because you don’t have anyone to discuss your unique situation?

Your team, your product, and your organization are all unique, but the advice you find in books and trainings is pretty abstract. You need to talk through the specific issues you’re having adapting basic principles and practices to fit your team and environment. Now, you probably do this with your spouse or friend, but they don’t really understand your problems. Discussing your situation with someone who has a deep understanding and tons of experience in introducing and optimizing agile software development processes would be much more helpful.

Introducing the Agile Champion Mentoring Program

We developed the Agile Champion Mentoring Program especially for those people tasked with introducing or optimizing agile software development processes in their environments. We act as an expert, independent sparring partner for our mentees with whom they can exchange experiences and ideas about their company’s agile adoption process. By joining the program you get direct access to our extensive experience in bringing about real change in the workplace with agile methodologies.

Successfully applying tools like Value Stream Mapping depends upon how solid your understanding is of agile principles and values

Instead of infiltrating your team for a couple of weeks (and charging you a fortune), we prefer to establish long lasting relationships with our clients. Agile Champions need ongoing access to concrete advice and feedback and the first months are critical. While reading books certainly helps, successfully applying that know-how to your organizational processes depends upon how solid your understanding is of agile principles and values.

How can the Agile Champion Mentoring Program help you?

With over 20 years experience in leading IT engineers between us, we’ve already gone through most of the trials and tribulations you’re currently enduring. We’ve been privileged to lead ever growing teams, showing both developers and sysadmins how to realize faster throughput and higher quality using Agile methodologies. The quickest way to optimize your agile processes is to tap into the tacit knowledge pool of experienced practitioners like us. If you have no-one available to ask crucial questions, you will struggle to find working solutions for your teams.

You get direct access to Dan or Matthias via all possible communication channels: E-Mail, phone, chat, you name it. You can contact us anytime with your questions or frustrations regarding your agile processes. If we can’t talk with you immediately, we promise to get back to you right away. Not only do we listen carefully but we’ll also try to help you find solutions for your current problems. We might even write up a complete article just for you!

If you want, let us push you a little farther: We can schedule a regular skype call to look at your current situation. In our busy lives, it’s all too easy to lose the forest through the trees. It really helps if someone is there to make sure you stay focused and on track.

The Agile Champion Mentoring Program is designed to help you

Here are some topics we’ve already discussed with our clients:

  • The Daily Scrums are literally a free for all, as each engineer feels they’ve to prove what they’re currently doing is right. How can I overcome the Ego problems of the team that arise?
  • How do we deal with daily business in our Scrum process? People can’t wait two weeks if there’s an urgent issue.
  • Our customers are constantly frustrated by our slow development speed. They want us to drop these pesky sprints and just do what they want right now!
  • We thought things are supposed to go faster and smoother with agile, but everything seems to blow up around us. Where did we go wrong?
  • I wonder if splitting the team would improve performance. How should I do this (and how can I measure it)?
  • My team hates the current issue tracking tool. Which would you recommend?
  • We want to introduce Test Driven Development and want to automate our infrastructure. How shall we go about it?
  • Our Scrum teams are constantly blowing their sprint goals. What shall we do?
  • We’re developing two products with one team. The team is too small to create product specific teams. And certain experts are mandatory for both products anyways. How can we organize to optimize throughput?

While we may not have ready made answers to all your questions, we’ll work very closely with you to find approaches that solve your issues. We’ve seen a lot of different environments. Today, we lead our own agile teams and have experienced a lot of the same growing pains ourselves in the past. Together we’ll be able to improve your situation step-by-step, question-by-question, issue-by-issue.

How does the Agile Champion Mentoring Program work?

First, you need to sign up for the program using the form below. After you sign up, we’ll send an email asking some pretty detailed questions about your current situation. We do this to make sure we understand your current level of experience and what you’re currently up against. As soon as we get your response, we’ll verify that we understand everything and maybe send you another email to further discuss your current needs. Based on that assessment, we’ll decide whether it makes sense for us to work together. As we don’t want to waste anyone’s time, we’re very selective about choosing our customers.

As soon as we’ve both agreed that it makes sense for us to work together, we’ll give you exact instructions on how to reach us. If you decide to sign up for the Premium Program below, we setup a schedule for regular skype calls. We’re looking forward to your questions and ideas and are excited about working closely together with you to improve your agile development process.

Note: As we only take three clients at a time into the mentoring program there might be a bit of a waiting list.

What’s different about the Agile Champion Mentoring Program?

We’re not agile consultants who just finished our two day certification course. We’re agile leaders working in the field for years with a very deep understanding of the underlying principles of agile processes and practices. As we’re actively leading our own teams, we use very practical approaches to every business challenge. We don’t have time for flame wars about what Scrum allows or doesn’t.

We focus on the Agile Champion in your organization or team. Whereas typical consultants love running big training sessions, we prefer to concentrate on you personally. By enabling you to really lead your team, you’ll see a much deeper, positive impact on the long run. While we offer to support your agile journey with trainings for the whole team, our focus is your long term success through the mentoring program.

The Agile Mentoring Program doesn’t cut into your precious time. We don’t force you to join any courses or invite us for day-long training sessions. We’re there when you need us. We work completely online, leveraging all communication channels. Ask us a question when you get really stuck with a problem, or send us multiple emails a day. We’ll do our very best to answer every single one of them, but, we’ll keep our responses short and to the point. No novels to read. Just the necessary facts and tips.

The Agile Champion Mentoring Program Special Offer

Currently, we have 3 slots free. If you fill in the form below right now, there’s a good chance you’ll grab one of these openings. We’ll take some time to make sure we can really help you. If we decide we’re not a good fit, we’ll immediately refund your money. While we’re very interested in maintaining a long term relationship with our clients, we still offer a monthly plan. We bill at the start of the month for a whole month’s worth of services.

When you want to cancel, we’ll support you until the end of the month. And, there’s never any bad feelings. We still can be friends. We understand that today’s business changes rapidly and your situation might change at any time.

Mentoring Program FeaturesRegularPremium
Direct email access
Unlimited email discussions
Specific answers tailored to your own situation
Monthly skype call / google Hangout (140 € value)-
Special introductory price *595 € / month695 € / month

* Currently, we can only accept recurring payments via paypal
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  1. This is an introductory price, which will be available for a limited time only. After that, the price will go up as much as 20% – 40%
  2. You’ll receive an email asking you to complete your registration. This is totally optional for now.
  3. You can cancel your subscription any time by logging into your PayPal account or by sending us an email – then we’ll do it for you

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Matthias Marschall – Agile Mentor

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